Friday, January 29, 2010

5 Months and Loving Every Minute

Katelyn is now 5 months old and we fall in love with her more everyday. I didn't think that was possible but it is. She is so fun and such a great baby. She only cries if she is hungry and I know how to fix that. She is so laidback. I wonder where she got that from. (Me and Brian are so high strung) yeah right! She loves all of the different kinds of baby food, taking her baths, rolling around on the floor and kicking, and looking at herself in the mirror. She smiles with her mouth wide open and it is the just cutest thing! I know I better enjoy all of this lap sitting she does because I know as soon as she can crawl, she won't want to sit in my lap anymore. Here are some pics to show how big she is getting.

Funny Sleeper

Katelyn is such a good sleeper. She goes to bed around 8:15pm every night and doesn't wake up again until 7:30am for her bottle. She eats her bottle, plays a little, and goes back to sleep until around 10am. What a rough life! I crack up everytime I check on her because she always has her hands behind her head. I mean, is that comfortable? Maybe I will start doing that. You can always tell when she is about to fall asleep because the hands instantly go behind her head and she is out.

Mommy and Daddy Went to Vegas.......

My boss took Brian and I to Las Vegas at the beginning of January. Katelyn was 5 months old and it was the longest we have been away from here. We were gone for 4 nights. She had only stayed overnight a couple of times before that with her grandparents. I had a very heavy heart the week leading up to our departure. I knew we would have fun but the idea of leaving my baby behind made me want to cry. It was very hard leaving here but I was better once we got there, but boy was I ready to get home on Sunday. It was the best thing in the world getting to squeeze her when we got home. She stayed half the time with her Mia (my mom) and have the time with MiMi and Pappy (Brian's parents). They loved it of course and would have been fine with us being gone much longer. Ha!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Family Pics

Aunt Amber took some last minute pics of us so we could give them out at Christmas. Here are some of my favorites.

4 Month Check Up A Little Late

Katelyn and I went to her 4 month check up on New Year's Eve Day. She was actually 4 1/2 months at this appt. She weighed 16 lbs. What a chunker! She got 3 shots in her legs and looked up at me as if I gave them to her. Poor Baby! Dr. Yap said she was big enough to start eating baby food. I had no idea we would get to start that so early. After our appointment, Katelyn and I went and loaded up on some yummy foods to try. She is doing pretty good at it. So fun! We do have to usually follow up dinner with bath time. Ha!

New Year's Baby