Sunday, November 14, 2010

Chuck E Cheese's

Hayden's mommy decided to take him to Chuck E. Cheese as a reward for his good behavior. Katelyn and I decided to tag along and mom even came and joined us on her lunch break. Katelyn loves Chuck E. She made a beeline for him.

Brian Turned 30

Brian turned the big 3-0 this past week. The boys went and played golf all day on Saturday and then we celebrated with some of friends and family on Saturday night. My boss let us use his suite at the Hockey Game! We had a lot of fun! Happy Birthday Brian!


The Hookers invited us out to Wichita Valley Airport last Saturday for the annual Pumpkin Drop. All the plane owners bring out their planes and take turns flying over a target and attempting to drop pumpkins on the bullseye. It was a lot of fun to watch. Brian and I took Katelyn and Hayden out for the day. They loved it! Hayden didn't want to even touch the airplanes at first but by the end of the day he said he was ready to fly. Brian Hooker offered to take Hayden on his first airplane ride. I had to call Hayden's mommy and make sure it was ok, she said it was as long as Brian or I went with him. Brian went with him and Katelyn and I stayed on the ground and watched. He was so excited. When they landed, he jumped out of the plane talking 90mph telling me how he loved it and didn't even cry. He was so big!!

Enjoying the Last Few Warm Days

Winter is upon us! Booo! I love winter clothes but I hate the cold. Katelyn isn't going to know what to do without getting to play in her Mia's backyard while it is cold.

Big Girl

Katelyn loves brushing her teeth! She has a mouthful now. Twelve last time I checked but I don't look often because she bites really hard.

Playing at Aunt Amber's House

Wearing Hayden's old Monkey Costume
Katelyn loves going to Hayden's house to play with all his cool toys. However, he usually decides that he wants to play with whatever toy she has. It is hard sharing your toys.

Friday, November 12, 2010

What are We gonna do with this Hair?

Circus Fun

Brian, Amber, and I took the kiddos to the Shrine Circus. The performances were great! Katelyn and Hayden both got a light up toy and I got cotton candy. Yum!!!!
Tired Babies!

My Buddy Hayden

Hayden and I go way back, almost 4 years now. He made me an Aunt, Aunt JoJo to be exact. We are still pretty tight but we don't get to have as much quality time as we used to now that I am a mommy. However, we recently got to hang out like old times at Garrett's birthday party at Gymnastics Sport Center. My mom kept Kate busy while Hayden and I got to play. It was great!

Trick or Treating

We all met at our house this year to kick off the Halloween festivities. Amber,David, and the kiddos joined us for some pre party Pizza and pictures. I had to wake Katelyn up from a late afternoon nap to get her ready and lets just say she wasn't happy. She was not feeling the pictures. Parker and Hayden on the other hand were regular little models. After pictures we did a little trick or treating in our neighborhood and then we went to make grandparent rounds. We stopped at Mom's first, then we headed over to my Dad's. He lives on the same street as the Camps so we decided to walk down to their house and do a little trick or treating on the way. Hayden really got into the trick or treating this year. Katelyn enjoyed riding in the wagon. Aside from my grumpy ladybug, we all had a Happy Halloween.