Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More Summer Fun!!!!

We went to Mom's Sunday afternoon on Father's Day to get together to see my Grandpa. He lives in Royal Estates and has Alzheimer's so he doesn't get out much. We all try to get together when he feels up to it. We turned Mom's backyard into a mini waterpark for Katelyn, Hayden, and cousins Emily and Garrett. Fun time had by all. Brian had gone golfing with his Dad so I broke out the swimsuit my Mom bought Katelyn on Valentine's Day. Brian said it was too revealing, ha ha!

Kate Got A New Cousin!!!!!!

Parker Alise Reed made her debut on June 3rd. She shares her birthday with her mommy! Everything went great with her arrival into the world and we are really excited to have a new member of the family! Hayden is going to be such a good big brother. Post is a little late, but I finally have a picture to post of the three new cousins.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Our Friends Savannah and Crystal

We had the pleasure of spending the morning at Savannah's house this past Saturday. The girls wore their matching swimsuits and played in the kiddie pool. I ran to Scott's for lunch and picked up some burgers. I left Katelyn with Crystal and Savannah and when I got back Ms. Katelyn had pink toe nails. Apparently Savannah was not digging Katelyn's plain toe nails. Ha! I have to admit, they are pretty cute! Thanks girls for a fun day!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Girl Loves Water

Miss Katelyn loves water. Rather it is bath time or pool time. Figured we better get a pic of her and Cousin Hayden bathing together before he thinks he is too big. Ha!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Big Cheese!

Katelyn has decided she loves the camera. People always tell me that she is photogenic. Duh, of course she is, I mean her Momma loves taking pics. She definitely has the smile thing down.

Summertime at Mia's House

Mom (Mia) has the prettiest backyard. We love going over to her house and playing in the backyard and eating on the deck. Here are some pictures of us enjoying the yard and weather.

Crawling, Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well Ms. Chunky Monkey finally decided she was ready to crawl. She is 9 1/2 months old and finally got her rear in gear. Katelyn has always been content just hanging out in one place and has never showed much interest in exploring. In the last couple of weeks she started getting on all fours and rocking but still no crawling. We were scheduled to go see Dr. Yap today for her 9 month check up at 3 pm and at 1pm she decided to crawl across the living room. I couldn't believe it! It was like it clicked all of a sudden and I guess she didn't want me telling Dr. Yap she couldn't crawl. Ha! I proudly told Dr. Yap she was crawling and Katelyn proudly grinned. Katelyn weighed 21.8lbs and was 30 inches long. Her head and height are still off the charts. She is a big girl. She has 4 bottom teeth and Dr. Yap said he could see some coming in on the top. Everything is right on track!

Memorial Day Weekend- Katelyn's First

Daddy was out of town Friday and Saturday so me and Kate had to entertain ourselves. We went for a playday at Miss Savannah's house Saturday morning. Savannah calls Katelyn "Kate or Kakey". It is so cute! She likes to get right up in Katelyn's face until her mommy tries to teach her about personal space. Ha, Katelyn doesn't seem to mind. We also went swimming with Amber and Hayden. Katelyn loved the water and was kicking her legs like crazy. Sunday morning we loaded up and met Brian at Possum Kingdom. This was Katelyn's first lake trip. We took her little pool and she swam with MeMe and Aunt Becky. Great weekend with lots of fun in the sun. Summertime is here!