Sunday, January 30, 2011

Terrible Two's Already??????

So little Miss Kate has turned into quite the Diva lately. She can go from sweetheart to terror in .2 seconds. She loves to throw herself down and whine or cry "no, no , no ,no ,no" anytime you are trying to do something she doesn't want to do. Such as dressing her, taking her out of the bath tub, wiping her face, etc. We get on to her or sometimes try to ignore it. Mrs. Connie had to put her in time out for the first time ever last week. Katelyn was doing the "no, no, no " thing to her and also threw a fit when it was time to go down for nap. Connie couldn't believe it. She had never seen Katelyn act like that. Welcome to my world, lol. Connie said it might be the terrible two's six months early. Lord, I hope not. However, these last 3 days she has been an absolute angel. Maybe she sensed I was reaching my boiling point, ha. I mean look at this little darling.....

Hayden's 4th Bday and Kate's First Injury

Hayden turned the Big 4 on January 16th! I can't believe he is 4 years old, seems like yesterday I was counting down the days til he got here. What joy Hayden has brought to all of our lives! I love being his Aunt JoJo! Hayden had an indoor pool party. There were tons of kids, lots of swimming, cupcakes, and really loud noisemakers. We love you Hayden!
On a not so bright note, Katelyn slipped on the wet concrete floor at the party and apparently twisted her ankle. Xrays showed nothing was broken but she wouldn't walk on it for over a week and is now walking with a slight limp. Poor baby girl!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Day

Santa brought Katelyn a Disney tent and a baby doll set! How nice of him! Christmas morning we woke up and headed to Brian's parents to open presents. We walked in their living room and their was a huge bounce house taking up the whole space! Kate loved it! Their were tons of presents at the Camps, like usual. We made a haul over there. After opening presents, we ran home and got cleaned up and headed to Brian's other grandparent's house for lunch. Kate was such a trooper and let everyone hold her and was in a good mood even though she hadn't had her nap yet. After lunch, we came home and let Brian and Kate take a nap while I went to visit my Grandpa at Royal Estates. He was enjoying some Christmas cookies and was in great spirits! I then swung by the house and picked up Brian and Kate and we headed to my Aunt Janice's house to celebrate Christmas with my Dad and his side of the family. We took the bounce house and Kylie, Hayden, and Kate had a blast in it. Great Christmas with lots of food, presents, and fellowship.

Christmas Eve

We kicked off Christmas Eve at the 4 o' clock Candlelight service at Colonial. We do this every year with my siblings and my mom and her husband. Katelyn did really well considering it lasted an hour and she had to stay semi still. She loved all the Christmas songs and even did pretty good during the sermon, however when the actual candle lighting part came around she had had enough. Hayden also got to hold his own candle this year but accidentally dripped hot wax on his hand and got pretty upset about it. Other than that, the service was great! We then stopped at my mom's and let the little kids open their presents and then Brian and I had to load up and head to Holliday to have Christmas with his Dad's side of the family at his grandparents house. Katelyn was so good playing with the other kids. We ate dinner there, opened presents, and headed back to my Mom's where they were waiting on us to open the rest of the presents. Katelyn got a princess 3 wheeler. Can't wait til it is warm outside so she can ride it. We got to our home about 10pm and were very tired!

Christmas started the Saturday before

Well, we made it thru another Christmas! Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas but we have to go to what feels like a million different places over a 2 day period. We celebrated with my Mom's side of the family the Saturday before because that was when my cousin Daniel and his kiddos were in town. My Aunt Danna made all the kids cute Canvases with their caricatures painted on them and cute little sayings.

Night Trip to Fantasy of Lights with the Reeds

We bundled the kiddos up and headed to the Fantasy of Lights. Brian and Dave even took part in the festivities. We ended the night with a trip to Mazzio's. Pizza buffets are a real crowd pleaser with the little ones. Kate can eat more pizza then anything else! She just shovels it in.

Visit to Santa

Every year Mrs. Connie takes all the kiddos to see Santa at the Mall. We loaded all the kiddos up, headed to the mall, saw Santa, ate pizza at the food court, and had everyone back home in time for nap! Mrs. Connie went above and beyond and made matching shirts for all the kiddos. So cute!

Day Trip to Fantasy of Lights

Mrs. Connie decided to take the kiddos to the Fantasy of Lights one afternoon. It was a Friday so Kate and I met them up there since Kate stays home on Fridays. Kate had her sassy pink boots with the fur on that day and boy did she strut her stuff around the displays. Her favorite was the Circus Cage with the lions. She kept going back to that one and going "Roarrrrrrrr." She is too funny!