Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Monday, August 27, 2012

Caroline's Newborn Photo Shoot

Aunt Amber came over and did a mini photo shoot for me when Caroline was about a week old.  The pics turned out so cute and Caroline slept the whole time.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Welcome Sweet Caroline!!!!!

We thought Caroline was going to make her debut on August 16th when I was scheduled to be induced.  However, the day before my induction Dr. Lamar's office called and told me I had been bumped from Thursday to Monday due to overcrowding at hospital.  I was so upset because I was so miserably swollen and was so anxious to meet our little girl.  After lots of tears, I calmed down and realized that she would come when she was supposed to and I just needed to make the best of my last weekend with Katelyn as an only child which also happened to be Kate's bday weekend.  Of course we had a great weekend!  My new induction date was set for Monday, August 19th which was my actual due date.  Brian and I went to the hospital at 5:30 in the morning and got ready to welcome our new baby girl.  They hooked up my IV and started the pitocin around 7am.  I spent the morning visiting with family and friends as my contractions started progressing.  Everything was pretty easy until my contractions started getting really close together and pretty intense.  I came in at a 2 and finally reached a 5 a little before noon.  They said I could get my epidural and it could not have come one second sooner.  I was so swollen the anethisiologist had trouble finding the proper spot to stick me.  I was having such bad contractions while he was doing that I thought I was going to deliver during it.  As soon as he was done Dr. Lamar stopped in and checked me and said I had fully dialated and it was go time.  The actual delivery wasn't painful but it took more pushes than it did with Katelyn.  When Caroline finally came out I knew why, she was huge!  She weighed 9 lbs and 3 oz.  I couldn't believe I had delivered a baby that big.  Even though she was bigger she looked just like her sister did.  She was perfect!!!  Getting to see Katelyn meet Caroline was the best part of the whole day.  Katelyn came in the door smiling from ear to ear and was so excited to meet Caroline.  She just kept talking to her and kissing her.  She even sang Happy Birthday to her.  Melts my heart!  We are so blessed!