Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fresh Beat Band Concert & Girls' Weekend

We took the girls out of town for a super fun weekend in Dallas.  We started out with fun at the Paradise Springs waterpark at the Gaylord.  It was a lot of fun and the girls thought it was really cool there was a waterpark at our hotel.  We then went and pigged out at Posado's Mexican Restaurant for dinner.  The next morning we went and had lunch at the Grand Luxe at the Galleria and let the little girls go to the American girl store.  Luckily Katelyn didn't say she wanted a doll there.  I was contemplating getting her one even though I think they are overpriced but she was perfectly fine leaving without one. I probably won't be so lucky next time.  We then did a little shopping and then headed to the big highlight of the weekend.  We bought tickets to go see the Fresh Beat Band in concert.  They were so excited and the Fresh Beat's put on a great kid concert.  The only problem was that Katelyn didn't understand why we couldn't go be on the front row.  We had really good seats but they were not front row.  She would dance and sing and about every 5 minutes turn and ask me if we could go down to the front yet.  I didn't know I would be dealing with a groupie at the age of 2.  Lol.  This little girl has lots to learn.  We had an awesome weekend with Crystal and Savannah.