Friday, July 30, 2010

Partners In Crime

Katelyn and Hayden love each other! Katelyn is crazy about Hayden and thinks he is soooo funny! He thinks she is pretty cool too now that she can finally play with him. He calls her Kate Kate! Got to love having cousins close by. Now if only Parker could get a little bigger so she can play too.

Kate plus Savannah plus water =fun

We went to the Splash Park once again and had a blast! Katelyn and Savannah loved playing on the alligator.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Sleep, Play, Eat! That pretty much sums up Kate's life. She is BUSY!

Big Girl Bath Time

Katelyn no longer uses her duck to take a bath in. She now gets to take a bath in the big tub in our master bathroom. She is getting too brave and thinks it is fun to stand up in there. She takes a bath every morning while I am in the bathroom getting ready. It is one of the only ways I can keep her busy in the mornings without me having to chase her everywhere.

Kate Got a Big Girl Chair

Katelyn got her first big girl chair. She wasn't sure about it at first but now she loves it. She like to crawl up in it facing backwards and make mommy nervous.

Splash Park Fun with Kylie and Hayden

Amber, Ashley, and I loaded up the kids and headed to Iowa Park to play at the Splash Park. I didn't get to sit and visit much because Katelyn thinks she is a big girl and refused to stay in one area. She was all over the place and loved every minute of it. We stopped at the Sonic afterwards and got ice cream floats. Katelyn was a big fan and I couldn't shovel it in fast enough so she stole the spoon.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ha Ha Ha!

So Katelyn and I were bumming around the house one afternoon and I decided to bust out the camera. These two pics crack me up because she went from Katelyn to Crazy Kate in 2 seconds. Ha! I love this girl!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Fourth of July Fun!!!!

We loaded up and headed to Possum Kingdom for Katelyn's first Fourth of July! The Fourth is one of Katelyn's Mommy and Daddy's favorite holidays, so I am sure it will be one of hers too. Brian's grandparents have a cabin at PK. They never use it anymore though so it is always Brian's parents and all of Brian and Sarah's friends using it. The cabin wasn't quite as full this year due to people moving away, getting married, etc. Aunt Sarah, Uncle Derik, MeMe, Pappy, Brian, Me, Katelyn, and Josh and Laci were all in attendance to ring in the Holiday this year! Katelyn spent Saturday at the Cabin with MeMe while Mommy and Daddy went out on the boat with some friends. Sunday, the Mills family came over and tied up at the dock and we swam all day. Katelyn and Kylie loved swimming in the lake. We made it back in town just in time for some homemade ice cream on Mom's back porch with Hayden. We all had a great 4th!
Katelyn and Kylie were pooped from all that swimming!!!!!!!!!