Friday, March 12, 2010

Check Up with Dr. Yap today- almost 7 months

Katelyn went to see Dr. Yap today for her 6 month check up. She is a week shy of 7 months today. Katelyn weighed in at 19 lbs and 6 ozs. Yes, you heard that right, she is a big girl! She is 28 inches long. Her weight, height, and head are all off the charts, ha! I thought I was overfeeding her but Dr. Yap said I may need to increase her baby food. He said she is a big girl and there is no need to worry. Believe it or not, I was quite the chunk as well when I was her age so maybe that is where she gets it. Katelyn cheesed it up for Dr. Yap and did all her tricks. He sat her on the table unsupported and she sat up straight way longer than she ever has for me like it was not big deal. I guess she knows who she needs to impress and who she can be lazy around, ha. Dr. Yap loved Katelyn's hair. It stands straight up no matter what I do to it. I am hoping as it gets longer, it will lay down. It looks just like Brian's does ( like a baby chicken). We had to move Katelyn out of her baby bathtub and into her big girl duck tub. We also had to move her out of her infant carrier because her legs were hanging out the end and it was getting to heavy for me to carry her. Here are some pics of her in her new tub and walker.