Friday, June 1, 2012


Mrs. Connie held her annual pre-school graduation.  We had a swim party and honored all the of the kiddos who will soon be going to Kindergarten.  The other kiddos get recognition for the new things they have learned in the past year.  Cousin Hayden was one of the graduates this year.  I can't believe he will be going to Big school.

Bouncing Ball and Bubbles

Swim Lessons

Kate, Reid, and Kylie took swim lessons from Ms. Jessica for a week this summer.  She taught them all how to jump in the pool, get their faces wet, and tried to teach them to use their arm strength to pull themselves out of the pool.  Reid was good at that with his big muscles but the girls needed help still.  Kate won the most fearless award which is all the more reason we need to keep taking her to swim lessons since she has no problem barreling in the water with or without a life jacket.  Hopefully next summer she will be able to swim all by herself.