Thursday, April 28, 2011

Playing In the Rain

My sister had a cook out/ Easter Egg Hunt this past Friday for my Mom's side of the family. We were all playing outside having a blast and it started raining and hailing. We rushed in and decided to eat dinner. We then decided to hide all the eggs inside the house since it was storming out. Well right after we hid the eggs, the storm passed and the kids had their noses pressed against the window wanting to go back out. We decided to let them go out and play in the puddles. Kate was having such a blast, I decided to strip her down to her diaper and let her go to town. Well right after that, my Aunt decided she wanted a group picture of all the cousins. There are 7 kids under the age of 5 on my mom's side of the family. We lined them up and got a really funny picture. My aunt said it wasn't exactly the picture she had in mind, but I love it. I think she was picturing them all in their Sunday bests. Lol! Kate cracks me up in this picture. Here they are: Caydia, Evie, Emilee, Garrett, Hayden, Parker, and Katelyn.

Junior League Easter Egg Hunt

Kate and I headed to the Annual Junior League Easter Hunt the Sunday before Easter. She fell asleep in the car on the way (of course). I let her sleep for a little while but we didn't want to miss all of the fun. It took her a little while to get out of the "I just woke up funk" but once she did, she was super excited. She totally understood the concept of picking up the eggs this year. She absolutely loved the Easter Bunny. She would go up to him and hug him and then she kept going back to him when it wasn't her turn. She even posed for a super cute picture with him and Savannah.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Kate and The Ducks

Amber, Crystal, and I took the kiddos to the park recently. There was a duck pond right behind the play area and as soon as Katelyn saw it, she was obsessed. She followed the ducks all around quacking at them and even tried to follow them in the water. We finally got her back to the play area but that was short lived. She then preceded to put on Savannah's stylish shades and Crystal's purse and high tail it back over the duck pond. This girl is a mess! We ended the outing with a trip to Ronnie's Burgers and Addison's Ice Cream Shop. What a fun day!

Neighborhood Block Party

We received an invitation taped to our front door inviting us to a neighborhood block party. We have almost been living here a year and still have not met a lot of our neighbors so we decided to go. The hosts cooked the meats and we all brought a side. We also took Katelyn's bounce house over for all of the kids. There were about 40 people in attendance. It was really nice to actually talk to the people we just wave at all of the time. One of the neighbors was loving some margaritas that particular day and wanted everyone else to as well. There even ended up being some street dancing. Kate met Reid McCauley who lives down the street and they did some bouncing and snack sharing. We are super excited about having a new friend to play with in our neighborhood. I would say the block party was a success and how cool is that to live in a neighborhood that does that.

We Conquered Lake Wichita Mountain, LOL

Hayden, Katelyn, and I decided we needed to hike up the large grass mountain at Lake Wichita. We were all wearing flip flops and I had to carry Kate up the whole way, so lets just say it wasn't the easiest hike. However, Hayden was so excited when we made it to the top, it made it all worth it. We then hiked over to the nice park there and Hayden helped Katelyn slide down all the big kid slides. He is such a great big cousin. We played so hard, they both fell asleep on the 5 minute car ride home.